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About Jin

The Chippewa Valley has been my home for 3 decades. 

After graduating from the University of Illinois I became a book editor in Phoenix before moving to Wisconsin.  As there were no book publishing companies I was aware of in Chippewa, I re-educated and became a financial planner for what was American Express.  Both careers have been a good foundation for working in real estate because both require attention to detail while providing customers with the excellent service they need.  

One day a Realtor asked me to help her fix up a house that hadn't sold in a long time (2 years about).  We did the fixes and it sold in 21 days.  My love of staging and remodels was born!  I became a verified stager and have helped many sellers prepare their homes to sell quickly and at a higher price.  Even in seller's markets, staging will help your home stand out from others and make for a more profitable sale.  Many times we can just use what you already have.  I help you know what's important to do and what is not. 

It is an honor to work with people who trust me with their homes, and it is truly my passion and pleasure.  

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