Is a Property Management Company Right for Me?

Why Choose Chippewa Valley Property Management

Investment residential real estate is not for everyone. No matter how good you are at vetting tenants there will be issues at some time. We are skilled at dealing with those issues quickly, minimizing damage, and taking the stress off your plate. However, if your expectation is that hiring a property management company will guarantee no problems, we cannot help. It is the nature of rentals and renters. 90% are great, but life is constantly changing for people and we cannot control employment, relationships or the 1000 other things that can go wrong in a person’s life impacting their ability to pay rent and care for a property. When those things happen we will deal with it so you do not need to, but issues cannot be avoided.

You must be willing to keep your properties in good condition and repair your property when required. Properties that are not in good condition will not get good and reliable tenants. The only way we can keep our overhead low enough to charge the rates we do is by recruiting good tenants to your rentals, which is impossible if a rental is not maintained.

Generally we are able to adjust your rents to current market rates to cover our fees so you are still making the same amount or more money without the headaches


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