Charges a Tenant May Incur

During your rental term, you may incur additional charges in the following cases:

  1. $35.00 for a 5-day notice delivery due to non-payment of rent.
  2. $75.00 for a 5-day notice delivery due to lease violations
  3. $42.00 if the Tenant/s fail to provide a phone number/ email to the office or alert CVPM that it has changed resulting in an agent having to come to unit since they were unable to call.
  4. $25.00 if Tenant/s wishes to have an additional copy of their lease sent to them. (1 copy is provided at the time of move-in)
  5. $30.00 for contacting the emergency phone for non-emergencies. Emergencies include but are not limited to: steady stream of leaking water, frozen/ burst pipes, sewage backup/ flooding, no heat, power outage, burning smell, ceiling collapse, gas leak, fire. In the event of fire, flooding, or gas leak contact proper authorizes first. After lock-outs will be referred to Pop-A-Lock. Anything deemed as not an emergency will be attended to the next business day.
  6. $45.00 for NSF or dishonored check. All late fees apply if not received by the 5th at 5pm.
  7. $60.00 if Tenant/s refuse to allow entry to premise during a scheduled showing after being given the required 12-hour advanced notice. $55.00 if Tenant/s unit is deemed not in showing condition at the discretion of Chippewa Valley Property Management. If Tenant/s turn away maintenance when proper 12-hour notice is given by Chippewa Valley Property Management a charge of $60 or the contractors 1 hour rate (whichever is highest) will be applied.
  8. $50.00 if CVPM needs to reschedule an inspection of unit due to Tenant(s) request.
  9. $95.00 if keys are not delivered, to Chippewa Valley Property Management, labeled and left in the drop box outside the office by 12pm on the last day of the lease. This includes unit keys, copies of keys, basement keys, garage door keys, openers, mailbox keys, etc. This does not include cost of new keys/locks.
  10. $150.00 if Tenant/s change locks on the unit without Chippewa Valley Property Management’s written permission. (This is a breach of your lease)
  11. $50.00 per occurrence if pet excrement is not picked up immediately. (Tenant/s will be responsible for any damage caused by pet to the property inside or outside the unit including the lawn.)
  12. Before the end of the lease term a written notice of non-renewal is required. Refer to your lease for the required written notice on all forms of month-to-month tenancy. Only a written notice dated, postmarked, and received by the first of any month will be valid. (Wisconsin law dictates that all notices are viewed as if received on the 1st of the month. This means that if a tenant gives notice on the 3rd of any given month the notice will not be seen as given until the 1st of the following month and all properties need to be vacated by the 25th of each month by 12pm.) If Tenant/s are on a month-to-month lease, they agree not to provide notice in the months of October, November, December, January, February, and March. CVPM reserves the right to increase rent rates with proper notice during this timeframe, but tenants of month-to-month leases also have the right to not renew their lease at the higher rate if they choose to, effectively ending their lease after current rent rate expires. (See page 12 for lease breaking costs).
  13. If any inspection fees are charged to the property owner, due to false reporting, all costs associated with this occurrence will be charged to the Tenant/s at the discretionary expense of Chippewa Valley Property Management
  14. $100.00 for unauthorized cable or phone line. If any damage exceeds $100 Chippewa Valley Property Management reserves the right to take a legal judgement for damages.
  15. Tenant/s agree to pay the market value price for a large dumpster, if one is required to remove garbage or large items upon vacating premises and current price of labor for removal.
  16. Tenant/s agree to pay the cost to remove smoke odors and/or smoke saturation to walls and carpeting due to smoking/ vaping or candle use. Cost may include the use of an ozone machine, and/or primer and additional expenses for painting, or any other expense needed to restore the premises. Charged to Tenant/s at the discretionary expense of Chippewa Valley Property Management.


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